Many different results emerged from the work of PartKommPlus and its projects. Some are practical aids in the participatory cooperation of different actors in the environments in which the projects were effective. Others are scientific findings that have been presented as articles or lectures with presentations to an interested public. Still others are videos and other media that take up topics from the research of the group and illustrate them in an entertaining way.

PartKommPlus products are available in this section and on the following pages. To make it easier to get started, the products are grouped according to their nature. Tools and media are products that - like videos - report audiovisually on the work of the projects of the association (media) and handouts and work aids that have emerged in connection with the work in the projects and have proven to be helpful (tools). A separate category is made up of presentations that clearly and comprehensibly describe the work of PartKommPlus and that were presented by members of the association on various occasions. Scientific articles were collected under the corresponding category “Articles”, while general articles and the view of third parties on the network were documented in “Press and PR”. Books by members of the association that have arisen in connection with the activities of PartKommPlus and its sub-projects are linked on the corresponding page.

The results and recommendations from the first funding phase of PartKommPlus can be found on a separate subpage. These were presented at a conference at the end of the first funding phase, which took place in Berlin in January 2018. The conference is also documented on a separate subpage.

At the end of the second funding phase, an online workshop series on topics of participatory research took place. Initially, it was intended as a replacement for the originally planned conference to present the results of the research network, which could not take place due to the corona pandemic. Due to their open character, not only did the PartKommPlus projects introduce themselves with their results, other participatory research projects and topics were also brought into various workshops. So the series became its very own format, as the documentation impressively shows.

In the second funding phase, the topic of impacts was of great importance for the research association in order to give an account of the progress and work of the association.