The Subprojects of PartKommPlus

PartKommPlus consists of five subprojects and the project component known as integration and synthesis. The subprojects are research partnerships composed of various members, with the goal of investigating how municipal strategies can contribute to the health of various groups of people in different settings. The subprojects are:

ElfE - Parents Asking Parents

In this subproject parents are researching how their children can best meet the challenge of the transition from home to pre-school. The participating parents are at different stages in the parenting process, with some whose children are still at home and others whose children are already attending pre-school.

PEPBS - Participatory Evaluation of the Prevention Chain in Braunschweig

Together with the City of Braunschweig the subproject PEPBS is investigating in what ways children can be supported in order to overcome the negative health effects of growing up in poverty. 

KEG - Municipal Development of Health Strategies: Science and Practical Experience in Dialogue

Existing municipal strategies for health promotion in the cities of Esslingen and Hamburg are being further developed to better address the needs expressed by the residents in selected neighborhoods. The focus of the research is identifying particularly the needs of those experiencing the most severe social and health problems. 

Age4Health - Healthy Districts for Elderly People

The research of theAge4Health project is focused on promoting the participation of elderly people at the municipal level in designing environments which promote their health.

People with Learning Difficulties and Health Promotion (HEALTH!)

The HEALTH! Project is investigating how health promotion can be organized by and for people with learning difficulties, and how integrated municipal strategies for health promotion can be implemented in an inclusive way so as to take into account the needs of this group.