People with Learning Difficulties and Health Promotion (HEALTH!)


Our main questions in the project HEALTH! are:

  1. How can health promotion be implemented for and with people with learning difficulties?

  2. How can inclusive integrated municipal strategies for health promotion (IMS) be implemented in Germany?

The starting point for the research is a workshop being conducted in a non-profit company employing over 600 people with disabilities. In the first project phase, employees will attend a health education program qualifying them to work as peer researchers. The peer researchers will then be supported to investigate their work environment in the context of small scale research projects. At the same time, structures for workplace health promotion will be established at the company.

In the second phase of the project HEALTH!, we will focus on issues at the municipal level regarding inclusive health promotion. Cooperation with local stakeholders will be intensified and common research goals will be developed and translated into action.

The paradigm of Participatory Health Research and the standards of the ICPHR (International Collaboration for Participatory Research) will guide the research process.