Partners in the Research Consortium PartKommPlus

The research consortium PartKommPlus is formed by several partners implementing different tasks. Below you find a list of institutions which fulfil coordination tasks within the the consortium and witin the subprojects. Further partners who paticipate actively in the different project spots are mentioned on the subproject's pages.

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences (KHSB) coordinates the consortium as a whole and implements the subproject GESUND! (HEALTHY!). Further, KHSB coordinates the Integration and Synthesis part of the project. 

The Alice-Salomon-Hochschule Berlin implements the subproject "Parents asking parents (ElfE) in cooperation with Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg.

Besides, Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg participates at the Integration and Synthesys part of the project by supervising the internet portal inforo-online. (The link leads to a Website in German language.)

Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit & Akademie für Sozialmedizin Niedersachsen e. V.  (LVG & AFS) leads the subproject PEPBS. (The link leads to a Website in German language.)

The Hochschule Esslingen (University of Applied Sciences) cooperates with Hamburgische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheitsförderung (HAG, website in German language) and the City of Esslingen in the subproject KEG.

The Hochschule Fulda (University of Applied Sciences) implements the subproject Age4Health.

The Deutsche Institut für Urbanistik (website in German language) and the Robert Koch Institute conduct case studies within the subprojects in the framework of the Integration and Synthesis part of the project.

The International Collaboration on Participatory Helth Research (ICPHR) supports PartKommPlus with international expertise. Thus international experts take part at the colloquia such as Tina Cook from the University of Northumbria or Jane Springett from the University of Alberta.