Scientific Board

PartKommPlus is supervised by a scientific board. Its tasks are to critically advice on the work of the scientists and to comment on the research results. The expertise of the board's members supports the the work of the consortium. It suggests corrections in the implementation of the project whenever it appears necessary.




Members of the board are:

Prof. Dr. Monika Alisch Vice Dean, Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Stephen Fawcett Director Kansas University Work Group for Community Health and Development, Kansas University
Dr. Beate Grossmann Assistant Secretary Bundesvereinigung Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung e.V. (Federal Association for Prevention and Health Promotion)
Anne Janz leads as Councillor the Department V for Youth, School, Women and Health in the city of Kassel.
Prof. Dr. Petra Kolip University of Bielefeld, Bielefeld School of Public Health (BSPH)
Dr. Andreas Mielck Working group Translational Health Economics at Institute of Health Economics and Health Care Management (IGM), Helmholtz Zentrum München German Research Center for Environmental Health
Prof. Dr. Christian Reutlinger Head of Institute for Social Work (IFSA), FHS St.Gallen, University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Brenda Roche Director of Research at Wellesley Institute (Toronto)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Rosenbrock President of the Federal Association of Non-statutory Welfare (BAGFW), Chair of Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband – Gesamtverband e.V.
Sabine Tengeler Geschäftsstelle Gesundheitsförderung (i.e. Office Health Promotion) in Hamburg Altona-Lurup
Prof. Dr. Alf Trojan Medical Sociologist and former Director of the Institute for Medical Sociology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
Prof. Dr. Hella von Unger Teaching and Research Department on Qualitative Research Methods at the Institute of Sociology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Prof. Dr. Nina Wallerstein Director, Center for Participatory Research, University of New Mexico
Dr. Volker Wanek GKV Spitzenverband